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Let us help share strategies for a successful quarantine with your kids!

We Understand Your Distress 
During This Time!
Dr Federici raised 8 adopted trauma filled kids in addition to his work in the field of child neuropsychology and extreme trauma issues. He understands the unique needs of parents and their special children.


Dr Ron Federici, Father, Neuropsychologist, Mentor

Over more than 30 years of parenting Dr Federici has devoted himself to caring for the unique needs of trauma filled children. His own 8 adopted children now in successful adulthood. With the compassion and wisdom of a grandfather, he will share successful strategies with you to navigate this unique time in history as well as this summer and next school year with success as your goal!

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 Thursday, April 16th
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What You Will Learn During This Online Training:

Step 1: Observe, don't assume!
Don't assume the same action means the same thing when every child behaves that way. A blood sugar drop can look like a tantrum in a young child or in a trauma filled child.
Step 2: Wait to respond, Analyze first

Take a moment to look through your child's eyes. Stop to Calmly ask them what they are if you don't think anything is wrong. You may be surprised to find their motive was good, the outcome was not. Like Dennis the Menace, an act of kindness can wreck the neighborhood.
Step 3: Prioritize The Importance Of Paperwork Vs Relationship
If your child and you are overwhelmed by packets, perhaps you should set that aside to enjoy a tea party or a sunny day instead of both of you becoming frustrated and angry at each other, make a memory instead of a relational mess!


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